Event Endpoints

Event Endpoints

Sometimes, a webhook configuration will fire an event that fails. This could be due to internal errors, network errors, or integration errors. When a single request generated by a webhook subscription (called an event) fails, LinkMoney caches the webhook payload for 10 days as an event object. Most of the time, you will see event objects as retrievals, which are failed event payloads associated with your webhook configuration.

By making a GET request to the

, you can retrieve dropped events still cached by LinkMoney. We strongly suggest reading
Webhook Endpoints
before exploring event retrieval.

Note that FindMoney programmatically

all webhooks that drop by default; these endpoints should be attempted only after programmatic retries have failed.

Reattempt an Event.

POST /configuration/webhooks/retrievals/:eventId

Cause a single webhook event to attempt a manual retry.


No POST body is required for this request.

In the Request Parameters

The ID of the event you want to reattempt.

Example Request

curl -X POST /configuration/webhooks/retrievals/{YOUR_EVENT_ID} \
	-H 'Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_BEARER_TOKEN}'


The response will depend highly on your webhook endpoint's response to help troubleshoot any issues that may be causing the outage.

	"responseCode": "200",
	"responseMessage": "OK",
	"callbackUrl:": "{MY_CALLBACK_URL}",
	"eventName": "DATA_UPDATES",
	"timeout": false,
	"success": true

Note that if the response's success field is set to true, it indicates that your callbackURL responded to the webhook event with a 2XX response code. LinkMoney will delete this cached event if the request succeeds. If the request fails, LinkMoney will still persist the dropped event.

Reattempt All Events

POST configuration/webhooks/retrievals

Cause all dropped webhook events to attempt retries.


No parameters are required for this call.

Example Request

curl -X POST /configuration/webhooks/retrievals \
	-H 'Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_BEARER_TOKEN}'


Responses follow the same schema as described by the retry one event endpoint.

	"responses": [

LinkMoney will delete any cached event that receives a 2XX response code from your callbackURL. Any failing responses will still persist.