Link Money Gateway Calls

Link Money Gateway Calls

The Link Money Web Gateway offers several options to control the exit flow for different user experiences. These options are:

  1. When the user finishes linking accounts, the gateway/widget closes and the user returns to the same window of the calling application.
  2. When the user finishes linking accounts, the redirects to a developer-determined redirect URL with data about what occurred during the linking process.
  3. When the user finishes linking accounts, the redirects to a developer-determined deeplink URL with data about what occurred during the linking process.
  4. (CDP Specific) When the user finishes linking accounts, the gateway closes and metadata can be retrieved via a connector call.

Setting up a Redirect URI

To set up a redirect flow, follow the authentication steps in the LinkMoney Quickstart and add an additional redirectUri query parameter to your call:


After authentication, the user is automatically redirected to the Link Accounts Portal interface, where they can link accounts from different institutions. When they close the account linking flow, they will be automatically redirected to the specified redirect URI.

The redirectUri query parameter must have an https:// or http:// prefix for the callback to properly redirect.

The callback has a single parameter, events, and looks similar to the following URI. The events parameter is a JSON-formatted array of events that follow the event schema.

      "user_id": "organizationID:userID",
      "item_id": "13829803",
      "institution": { "name": "Dag Site", "institution_id": "16441" },
      "accounts": [{
          "balances": {
              "limit": 10000, // nullable
              "current": 23101.14, 
              "available": 28101.14,
              "iso_currency_code": "USD", // nullable
              "unofficial_currency_code": 1000 // nullable 
           "name": "Business Checking - 4531",
           "mask": "9060",
           "official_name": "Business Checking - 4531",
           "type": "depository",
           "subtype": "checking",
           "id": "20039400"

Event Schema

A summary of the events which took place during the linking process.

Event Data Schema

The ID of the user who experienced the event.
If the event was a success, the data will include the item_id of the newly-linked accounts.
The ID of the institution the was linked with / experienced an error.
The data for each account associated with the linked item.
Note: For developers coming from Plaid, the Link Money Web Gateway differs from Plaid’s Link in one significant sense: Where Plaid terminates the linking process after the user connects a single item, Link Money offers users the opportunity to link several different items in a single session. Each event in the events array corresponds with a single item_idand contains the institution and account data associated with that item’s link.

Getting Redirect Data in CDP

If you are developing in the CDP environment, you will not be able to use the redirectUri flow successfully. As an alternative, LinkMoney offers the data through the LinkMoney Connector.

You do not have to do anything with the gateway to support this flow. You may, however, elect to implement the connector method yourself.