Feature Release Notes

Feature Release Notes

Feature Release Notes

April 24, 2023

Transaction Tags are now accessible via API:


The transactionTags are now available in the enriched transaction schema. See the transaction enrichment documentation here. Over 200 transaction tags are live and more are on the way.

Use Cases

Categories are one way to learn more about a user's transactions, but they are limited to just one category and that can be a hindrance. FinGoal’s transaction tags enable a transaction to be labeled with an infinite number of tags, enabling more insights about the merchant and your users. These tags can then be used to create user segments and audiences for more targeted recommendations and outreach.

How do I get started with FinGoal’s transaction tags?

If you already use FinGoal’s transaction enrichment, you can start receiving the tags via your existing API connection. Note: You will need to re-run any historical data to receive tags.

If you would like to see how the transaction tags work with live data, you can request a FinGoal developer account, or schedule a call with our team about doing a one-time data drop and proof of concept.