Status Codes

CategoryHTTP Status CodeCodeExplanation
2xx Success
Everything worked as expected with content returned.
1. Everything worked and MX’s system is processing the request. 2. When attempting an aggregation on a member, an aggregation of the same type is already running; e.g., calling aggregate member while a previous aggregation is still running, or calling verify member while a previous verification is still running.
No Content
Everything worked as expected without content returned.
4xx Requester error
Bad Request
Often, this means a required parameter was missing.
Invalid MX-API-Key or MX-Client-ID provided.
The request was made from a non-whitelisted address or the feature is not available to the client.
Not Found
Invalid item/id/URL requested.
Method Not Allowed
A constraint on the requested endpoint wasn’t met.
Not Acceptable
The request didn’t specify a valid API version.
1. An object with the given attributes already exists. 2. When attempting an aggregation on a member, the member already has an an aggregation of a different type running; e.g., calling the verify endpoint while a standard aggregation is already running, or calling fetch statements while an identification aggregation is already running.
Unprocessable Identity
The data provided cannot be processed.
5xx Responder error — which are rare
Server errors
Something went wrong with MX’s servers.
Service unavailable
The MX Platform is being updated.