MX Error Reference

The MX Platform API uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of a request, with supplementary error messaging as needed within response bodies.

The Error Object


A descriptive message that explains the error scenario.

Status Codes

The following status codes my be returned while accessing the API services.

Status Codes

CategoryHTTP Status CodeCodeExplanation
2xx Success
Everything worked as expected with content returned.
1. Everything worked and MX’s system is processing the request. 2. When attempting an aggregation on a member, an aggregation of the same type is already running; e.g., calling aggregate member while a previous aggregation is still running, or calling verify member while a previous verification is still running.
No Content
Everything worked as expected without content returned.
4xx Requester error
Bad Request
Often, this means a required parameter was missing.
Invalid MX-API-Key or MX-Client-ID provided.
The request was made from a non-whitelisted address or the feature is not available to the client.
Not Found
Invalid item/id/URL requested.
Method Not Allowed
A constraint on the requested endpoint wasn’t met.
Not Acceptable
The request didn’t specify a valid API version.
1. An object with the given attributes already exists. 2. When attempting an aggregation on a member, the member already has an an aggregation of a different type running; e.g., calling the verify endpoint while a standard aggregation is already running, or calling fetch statements while an identification aggregation is already running.
Unprocessable Identity
The data provided cannot be processed.
5xx Responder error — which are rare
Server errors
Something went wrong with MX’s servers.
Service unavailable
The MX Platform is being updated.